Children from the African diaspora, whatever their level in Soninké, Wolof, Bambara, etc., are all faced with the same problem: the lack of books in their original languages ​​intended for them.

The universe of Le Petit Africain was therefore born to fill this need by offering simple and fun books.

L'univers du Petit Africain is a new publishing house of activity books intended for children to support them in learning African languages.

Our mission at the universe of the Little African is to publish and distribute books around the two most famous characters of African tales (the hare and the hyena) to help your children through activities to be able to read, write, understand and tell tales, stories in Soninké, Wolof, Bambara... without using another language.

Our goal is to make learning African languages ​​simpler and more fun.

In the villages, every evening the children gather with the storyteller of the compound. They listen to wonderful tales whose main characters are the hare and the hyena. These moments are very appreciated by the children: There were songs, humor and at the same time they are learning moments. These tales from yesterday remind us that learning an African language should be a pure moment of pleasure.